Admin Pages

*private document vault^^ - for exciting things like the society's constitution and music scores.

^^these items are restricted to people known to the morris - if we know you then it is bound to be OK to have access: just ask for permission by sending an email to, using an email address that has a Google account (such as a gmail address, but you can register any email address with Google for a Google account), and then you will have access, when the request for permission is accepted.

*public document vault - for adhoc bits and bobs visible to the public - e.g. maps to locations

Linked Documents

*contact us form data from people filling out the 'contact us' form - for a reply by the Bagman who looks after correspondence.

Non Menu Pages
meaning top-level pages on this site that are not linked to directly from the left-hand menu or this page - sub-pages of top level pages are not listed here - probably only site editors will know what this is supposed to mean !