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This is an index of online media (videos, photos, etc.) concerning the Hong Kong Morris.  Many items may be identified with a particular date, but not all.  The list is intended to be organised around media items, not events.
There is a separate list maintained for past events of the Hong Kong Morris: find it here.

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The media owner is a useful item to know - if the link is broken, then we know who to approach to follow up!
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NameMedia TypeDateMedia Owner
Tai Hang Photo set 6 November 2010 Grahame Lockey 
St. Johns Cathedral Photo set 26 December 2010 Grahame Lockey 
May Day 2011 @ St. John's Cathedral Photo set 1 May 2011 Terry Mountain 
May Day 2011 Photo set 1 May 2011 Grahame Lockey 
Mui Wo with Ellis' and Pappers Photo set 25 September 2011 John Leighton (thanks to Charlie Papper) 
Michaelmas Fair 2011 (more!) Photo set 29 October 2011 John Leighton (&others) 
Michaelmas Fair 2011 Video 29 October 2011 John Leighton (thanks to a friend) 
Michaelmas Fair 2011 Photo set 29 October 2011 John Leighton (with other contributors) 
Boxing Day 2011 @ Signal Hill Garden Photo set 26 December 2011 Terry Mountain 
MIC 'Churchfest' 2012 Photo set 2 September 2012 John Leighton 
MIC 'Churchfest' 2012 Photo set 2 September 2012 Terry Mountain 
Boxing Day 2012 at Star Ferry Photo set 26 December 2012 John Leighton 
May Day 2013 at Star Ferry Photo set 1 May 2013 John Leighton 
Showing 13 items