Book the Hong Kong Morris for your event

Are you interested in booking the morris to dance at your school,corporate or special event ?  We also take bookings from District Councils for cultural performances.   Please do get in contact with us here.

We are a volunteer group, so please bear it in mind that it may take a week or so to contact all of our people and see whether a proposed booking might be possible.  Most of us have full time jobs and families, with the associated trips out of Hong Kong for vacation and/or business.  Family commitments loom large too on occasion.

However, ask us and we'll usually be delighted to oblige.   We can do events of many different types.  Sometimes just a dance or two.  Sometimes a whole afternoons event which might run into several 'slots' for dancing, each with a few dances.   We're also happy to do a group dance too where everyone can join in for a bit of fun.  Tell us what your event is, what you envision and we can discuss.   Getting a fixed date up front is important though.

We charge fees for dancing at events, except for charitable events that we're happy to support usually without charge.  These start at $1000, and for a longer event might run to $3000.  However, this is all negotiable.  If your event has food and beverages and we're asked to be around for more than just half an hour or so, then we'd be happy to reduce our fees (usually to just $1000) if we're able to slake our thirst and sustain our energies at your expense.   When factoring us into the costs of your event, we're not fussy and we don't need to have the same expensive food and drinks as others might be getting.  Some simple hearty grub and a plastic bucket filled with ice and cans of beer and soft drinks will usually do for us.  We'll usually be about eight people all together: six dancers and a couple of musicians.  We may have one or two friends/family who might wish to come too, but we don't expect you to pay for them: we'll be happy to discuss what's possible, depending on the type of event that you have in mind and whether that might be appropriate or not.  We're volunteers and we want fun too !

If you have questions or are not sure then please talk to us.  If you want some Morris magic at your event, we'd like to make it happen for you!   We're very go-ahead to fit in with other peoples events, but at the same time we want to make transparent the things that we will consider when we're considering and planning for a special event.

Unfortunately, past experience has shown us that event organisers can cancel late in the day as they finalise their events.  As getting a morris event planned often involves Morris members changing the dates of other commitments to make things work, it's an irritant to have cancellations.  Therefore, we'll usually want to take a deposit of $1000.
It is usual that for any performances, entertainers will expect the venue to have third party liability insurance.