Introducing the Hong Kong Morris Mission

From Capetown to Bombay, from Montego Bay to Singapore, there are many corners of a foreign field that are forever England.  Wherever their footsteps have passed, the English have left their language, their laws and their noble institutions.  Cricket teams all over the world attest to the unfathomable ways in which the English have chosen to enjoy themselves.  Only a very few select places are graced, however, with that most English of customs: morris dancing.

Hong Kong is one of these fortunate localities.   Since 1974 scores of dedicated morris devotees have donned their green, red and yellow ribbons, strapped bells around their legs, and ventured boldly out into the streets to dance.  Dancing to mark the passing of the seasons and the year.  Dancing for the fun of living—and living for the fun of dancing.

Now, in Hong Kong, we are taking the spirit of the morris further than ever before.  Have not the English already shared the very best of their traditional culture with the world already ?  ‘Nay!  Far from it!’  say we.  ‘We have yet to share the morris!’  This is the mission of the Hong Kong Morris!

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The popularity of morris dancing waxes and wanes - the first great revival was in the 1910s, another revival happened in the 1970s.   A third great revival is starting in England.  Google for the news on reputable websites - it's true.  Hong Kong will, we are confident, take its place in this upsurge of interest and participation in the age old custom of public morris dancing.