Join Us

Whether you're a budding dancer or musician, just want to find out more - or just think that you might just like to try once with no commitments, then come along to either a public event or a practice, or talk to any of the side. 

We usually meet regularly - once a week or so - for a practice. To learn dances, music and to have a little bit of a social gathering.  We don't dress up for practices usually. About once a month or so, on average, we'll be dancing in public somewhere "a dance-out". We'd love for you to come along and meet us. 

To get the latest news, including present practice location and information on dance-outs, or even if you'd just like to get in contact before coming along, then please contact us here for a friendly chat.  

You can also join our email list - click here to sign up.  Our email list only sends occasional emails out.  Our main method of communicating as a side is through the use of social media - especially WhatsApp.  Contact us to have a chat, come along, and connect - and we can get you onto our WhatsApp group at an appropriate time too if necessary. 

A lot of our public performances will also have Facebook events too - so you could also 'like' or 'join' us there.

We are a mixed side, that is to say, we have ladies as well as gentlemen. Bring your friends along, and join as a group if you wish - that way you won't need to worry about "I don't know anyone". Not that you need to worry about that anyway - we're very welcoming (we hope!).  Morris dancing is a great way to help keep fit and slim too.

Whilst some of us might seen to exuberate a certain Englishness, we are at heart a very friendly bunch - and actively want to grow the side amongst Hong Kong people at large. Don't think we're 'expat only' oriented - we're not!

Are you interested in becoming a candid non-dancing friend of the morris ?  That's fine - just come along.

Subscriptions at currently set at $20 for each person, each and every time they show up for training or at a dance-out.  For newcomers, we will often not collect subscriptions until people feel that they'd like to be a part of us. We also collect, on or about May Day, and annual fee of $500.  There is flexibility, again, for newcomers, or people who might only be with us for a part of the year, so that the full annual fee may not be due.  The Bagman will have details on the fees and collects the money.  The money goes towards supporting the Morris, and we generally operate as a collective bunch.  We do have a constitution, and we are a Society in Hong Kong law.