Here's our shopping offerings:

  • Morris kit & badges:  our shop will open soon - buy Hong Kong Morris kit to impress your friends.  Is your morris side into badge swapping ?   If so, then send us your badges and we'll send you Hong Kong Morris badges in return - get in contact with us first though, as there might be some cost differences to work out.
  • Given east Asia's renown as a manufacturing hub, getting your morris kit made up can be more cost effective by asking the Hong Kong Morris to mediate for you with our professional manufacturing contacts.   Ask us to help get your new kit made up !   We charge a fee, with a contribution to Hong Kong Morris funds, but compared to costs in the West, this can be a reasonable option for many sides.   Get in touch to explore this option, if you're interested.
  • We will also soon have a range of our own branded merchandise available. Watch this space!  
  • Finally, get your bells through us!  We have access to 20mm and 25mm quality morris bells from our partner suppliers in China.  Get in touch to ask for more info. Photo below.