Training Location

Over the years the Hong Kong Morris has chopped and changed its training location.  Periodically a review will be taken by the Morris officials to try to balance a number of factors: convenience for various people coming in from all over the territory, the weather and season influencing the indoor or outdoor choice, and locations available for us to book at a reasonable price.  If you do find when and where we train to be a problem for your involvement in the Morris, then please do let one of the Morris officials know.  If you're not already in contact with us, then do connect.

The principal location that the Morris is training at is given below:

Current Training Location - International Montessori School - Tin Hau Campus

The location of the school in Tin Hau where we train can be seen on a map by clicking here. From exit A1 of Tin Hau MTR station, cross the main road, King's Road, then turn left and after a few yards there is a little side road - Lau Sin Street (actually a cul de sac although it does not look it from the map) with the L'Hotel there. In the cul de sac there are steps that will take you up to Tin Hau Temple Road. At the top, turn left, cross at the pedestrian crossing (ignoring the Island Montessori School), go across the side road (New Eastern Terrace) and keep walking up the road past a couple of garages (Vin Motors - big yellow sign and Luthenne Motor Service Centre). The steps leading up to the International Montessori School are next to it. 

It's no more than a 5 minute walk from the MTR.  For a picture of the entrance gate to the school from the street, click here.  As you can see, there are some steps up to the doors into the building, and it's a further flight of stairs up to the school hall inside where we train.  If either the street gate or entrance doors are closed, then call in and someone will come and let you in.  To that end, you may want to make sure in advance that you have the contact details of at least one person who will be there - so get in contact with us if you're not too sure about this.

The address is:
International Montessori School - Tin Hau Campus
62 Tin Hau Temple Road
Tin Hau, Hong Kong
香港天后廟道 62 號